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AWL Word Cloud (by headword)Visual representation of word form frequency

This page gives word cloud (i.e. visual) representations of the frequency of different word forms of headwords in the Academic Word List (AWL). Frequencies are taken from the BAWE (British Academic Written English) corpus. Begin by selecting the relevant word (start typing in the box below). Only headwords words in the Academic Word List can be searched for.

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This word cloud is adapted from the one by Nan Xiao, which is a fork of the original created by Jason Davies.


Like the website? Try the books. This extract from Unlock the Academic Wordlist: Sublists 1-3 contains all sublist 1 words, plus exercises, answers and more!



Sheldon Smith

Author: Sheldon Smith    ‖    Last modified: 01 April 2024.

Sheldon Smith is the founder and editor of He has been teaching English for Academic Purposes since 2004. Find out more about him in the about section and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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