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ToolsSome useful language tools

  • AWL finder
    Find out information (meaning, word family, etc.) for words in the Academic Word List. Read more
  • AWL highlighter
    Enter a text and highlight all the words in the Academic Word List, with level. Read more
  • AWL tag cloud
    Similar to the AWL highlighter, but turn the AWL words into a tag cloud. Read more
  • AWL gapfill
    Test your knowledge of academic words with the AWL gapfill maker. Read more
  • GSL highlighter
    Highlight words in the General Service List. Read more
  • GSL limiter
    Another GSL tool. Restrict your search for GSL words. Read more

This section gathers together some of the language tools on the website. There are AWL tools (for Academic Word List words), and GSL tools (for General Service List words). See below for more details.

AWL tools

The following AWL tools are currently available:

This tool will give detailed information about words in the Academic Word List, with definition, pronunciation, word family, collocation, and more.
Use this tool to highlight all the AWL words in a text.
This tool is similar to the highlighter, but representing the words in a more visual way as a tag cloud.
Use this tool to create a gapfill of all the AWL words in a text - a great way to test your knowledge of AWL word families.

GSL tools

The following GSL tools are currently available:

This tool will highlight words in the General Service List.
This tool is similar to the GSL highlighter, but it enables an upper and lower search limit, which means you can choose the GSL words you want to search for.


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