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Writing skills

Writing at university can be a daunting task for many students. There is much to learn, such as different genres of writing (reports, essays), how to write in an acceptable academic style, and paraphrasing and using references to avoid plagiarism. Despite the difficulties, writing can be made easier if you break the task down by following the writing process. The following pages will give you help on these aspects of writing, and more.

Find out more about the writing process, from understanding the title and brainstorming for ideas, to proofreading your final draft.
Understand how to write a good academic report, with clear structure and appropriate language.
Learn more about essay types such as discussion, compare & contrast and cause & effect, and how to give your essays a clear structure.
Find out more about other academic writing genres, such as abstracts, literature reviews and research proposals.
Understand how to make your writing 'cohere' or 'stick together'.
Understand the basics of good written style in academic writing.
Understand how and why you should paraphrase.
Learn how to cite correctly, using correct in-text citations and a correctly formatted reference section, and learn some of the main reporting verbs used for citing.
Find out how to have a critical voice in your writing.
Learn more about writing for important academic English exams: TOEFL and IELTS.
Check out some resources for students and teachers to help them with their academic writing.


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Author: Sheldon Smith. Last modified: 07 September 2019.