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Presentation skillsHow to give an effective presentation

  • Structure
    Understand how to structure your presentation. Read more
  • Language
    The language to use in your presentation, from the introduction through to the conclusion. Read more
  • Body language
    How to look confident when giving a presentation. Read more
  • Delivery
    How to deliver your presentation with correct pace, volume, and emphasis. Read more
  • Visual aids
    Types of visual aids, and how to use them well. Read more

Read about presentation structure, language, body language, effective delivery, and visual aids.

Presentations are a common part of university life. Although giving a presentation can seem daunting at first, it is actually quite a routine task once you understand the basic structure, the signpost language needed, and have begun practising to help improve your body language and delivery. Preparing well, with some kind of visual aids, will help ensure that you can give an effective presentation time after time.

Find out how to structure your presentation.
Understand the special signpost phrases which are used to make your presentation easier to follow.
Read more about what confident body language entails.
Learn how to deliver your presentation effectively.
Understand the types of visual aids you can use in your presentation, and how to use them effectively.


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