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Enrich Your Vocabulary for IELTS & TOEFL is a series of videos that focus on different topics and target the kind of vocabulary needed to score higher on these tests. The vocabulary is carefully chosen using recognised word lists such as the Academic Word List (AWL), Academic Vocabulary List (AVL) and the Academic Collocation List (ACL). The last of these is especially important in order to improve collocation use, an area assessed by these exams.

For many videos, additional lists are included, according to relevance. For example, the Medical Academic Vocabulary List (MAVL) and the Health section of the Middle School Vocabulary Lists (MSVL) are used for health videos.

Research has shown that comfortable reading comprehension requires knowledge of around 8000-9000 words, and it is therefore important for students to learn more than just high-frequency words (the first 3000 words by frequency, also called 1k-3k), and study words in the mid-frequency range (i.e. 3001-9000, also called 4k-9k). Knowledge of these words will also increase range of vocabulary and allow students to use less common items, which are assessed in the IELTS and TOEFL exams.

The first video in the series (link below) has a short explanation of some of the points above, giving information on how the words were chosen.

All videos are accompanied by a series of interactive exercises, along with an authentic reading text for extra exposure to the words.


Watch the videos to understand word meaning and usage.


Check your word knowledge with interactive exercises


See the words in context with additional, authentic texts.


Improve your writing by using the words and collocations.

Topics for the videos include: physical health, mental health, food, education, work, entertainment, the environment, and many more.


20 words and phrases related to crime, including deterrent, enforce, engage in and perpetrator.



20 words and phrases related to the environment, including biodiversity, deforestation, environmental and impact.


Physical health

Study 20 words and phrases related to mental health, such as diet, physical activity, cardiovascular disease and obesity.


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