GSL limiter How to use it
  • Try 619 as a starting word, and 2284 to finish (10% of words in written English)
  • Try limiting the GSL even further by using a number higher than 619
  • Try reducing the top number, as the words at the end of the GSL are very low frequency
  • Try experimenting with the numbers to understand the frequencies of different ranges of words in the GSL

GSL limiter

General service list limiter Highlight selected GSL words in a text

This is a companion to the GSL highlighter. This tool performs a similar task, except that you can limit the GSL words which are highlighted.

Step 1

Enter the first and last number. By default, 1 and 2284 (the last number) have been entered.

           Word       Total frequency of this range
(shown as % of words in written English)
First number  
    first word will appear here
percentage will appear here
Final number  
    last word will appear here

Step 2

Enter the text in the box below then click 'submit'.

Select max number of characters (if processing speed is slow, choose a lower number)

The highlighted text will appear here.


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