AWL tag cloud & gapfill Find academic words in a text

Use this tool to create a tag cloud of words from the AWL (Academic Word List). Enter the text in the box below then click 'submit'. If you want to use the gapfill maker (below), you will need to input and highlight the text first. You may also like to try the AWL highlighter, which is a companion to this page.

Select max number of characters (if processing speed is slow, choose a lower number)


The highlighted text will appear here.

Sorted word list (by level) will appear below.

Word listsSorted by level

Gapfill Maker Choose your flavour

Create a gapfill for the above text. Choose from these different types:

  • a simple gap fill, with blanks only (you will need the words above to complete it)

  • a head word gapfill, in which each of the academic words will be replaced by the head word (or by another word form if the replaced word is itself a headword)

  • a word family gapfill, in which each of the academic words will be replaced by another word from the same word family

Gapfill will appear here.


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