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GSL limiter How to use it

  • Try 619 as a starting word, and 2284 to finish (10% of words in written English)
  • Try limiting the GSL even further by using a number higher than 619
  • Try reducing the top number, as the words at the end of the GSL are very low frequency
  • Try experimenting with the numbers to understand the frequencies of different ranges of words in the GSL

Customise Change the way it looks

Change the colours of the different levels


General service list limiter Highlight selected GSL words in a text

This is a companion to the GSL highlighter. This tool performs a similar task, except that you can limit the GSL words which are highlighted.

Step 1

Enter the first and last number. By default, 1 and 2284 (the last number) have been entered.

           Word       Total frequency of this range
(shown as % of words in written English)
First number  
    first word will appear here
percentage will appear here
Final number  
    last word will appear here

Step 2

Enter the text in the box below then click 'submit'.

Select max number of characters (if processing speed is slow, choose a lower number)

The highlighted text will appear here.


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