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Enrich Your Vocabulary
Video #2

The second video in the Enrich Your Vocabulary for IELTS + TOEFL series is now on the EAP Foundation YouTube channel. The topic of this video is the environment.

As with other videos in the series, it uses recognised word lists, this time including the geography lists from the SVL (Secondary School Vocabulary Lists) and the SPL (Secondary Phrase Lists).

There are also some neat exercises on the Enrich Your Vocabulary page of the website, to help you (or your students) to practise and consolidate knowledge of the vocabulary.

In order to make the video, I created a highlighter for the SPL, which you might also like to check out. Especially useful if you are studying one of the 8 secondary school subjects in the lists.

As always, you can also catch the video on Youku if YouTube is unavailable where you are.

Response to the first two videos in the Enrich series.

These videos are outstanding [...] I highly recommend that you follow this series if you're trying to build your vocabulary for the IELTS test. -- Fiona Wattam, IELTS with Fiona website

I can't wait to watch and learn from the next video. -- YouTube comment

What an incredible video! -- YouTube comment

More great content coming soon!

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