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This section is an archive of the newsletters sent to subscribers of the newsletter. A summary of the newsletters in the archive is shown below.

2019 Q2 (July 2019)

In this edition: updates to the AWL list and AWL highlighter; new infographics; home page tweak; and 40% discount on e-books in the EAP Foundation series.

2019 Q1 (April 2019)

This newsletter is dedicated to the second book in the EAP Foundation series, Academic Writing Genres.

2018 Q4 (January 2019)

Info on infographics, a new area of the site, plus a info about the revamp of the podcasts.

2018 Q3 (October 2018)

Details about podcasts, and new pages on the website.

2018 Q2 (July 2018)

Information on the NGSL and NAWL, plus various website updates.

2018 Q1 (April 2018)

Three things tin this issue. First, some recent updates to the website. Second, a series of online courses for EAP. Finally, a reminder of the EAP Foundation series of books.

2017 Q4 (January 2018)

Exciting news this month is the release of Academic Presentations, the first book in the EAP Foundation series, published by Evident Press.

2017 Q3 (October 2017)

The first quarterly newsletter, with information on the dictionary page of the website, subject lists, and the EAP Foundation series of books.

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