March, 2021 Newsletter

This is the newsletter for March 2021.

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Sheldon New video on the EAP Foundation YouTube channel.

21 Idioms for Academic English

This video shows the 21 most common idioms used in academic writing in English, most of which are also common in academic speaking. They can be used to enrich vocabulary for university English, or for the TOEFL or IELTS writing and speaking exams. The video also explains the background to the list of idioms, which come from a study by Julia Miller of The University of Adelaide.

Yt As always, you can also catch the video on Youku if you are somewhere where YouTube is not available.

The video comes complete with a worksheet (plus answers and lesson plan), which you can download from the social media page of the website.

Watch: 21 Idioms for Academic English [YouTube/YouKu]

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