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This is a special newsletter for WHO World Mental Health Day 2018.

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WHO International Mental Health Day

10 October is the annual WHO International Mental Health Day. This year's focus is Young people and mental health in a changing world, a particularly important theme for the audience of EAPFOUNDATION.COM. 10 October also coincides with Mental Health Week in Australia. Below are links and information on these two events. To commemorate the day I've also added a page on dealing with stress to the Study Skills section of the website.

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Mental illness and young people

According to WHO, 50% of mental illness begins before the age of 14, with most cases going undetected. An important preventative measure is helping adolescents build resilience so that they can cope with the challenges of modern life. Awareness and understanding of the warning signs of mental illness is also key.

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Mental Health Week (Australia)

10 October also coincides with Mental Health Week in Australia, with each state adopting its own theme and holding its own events. The theme in Tasmania, for example, is stronger together, while in Western Australia it is Mental health starts where we live, learn, work and play, focusing on helping people by:
   -  encouraging community members to support one another;
   -  promoting mental health discussion;
   -  raising awareness of mental health issues;
   -  reducing the stigma of seeking help.

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Dealing with stress

I've added a page on dealing with stress to the study skills section of the website. This is a page I've been meaning to add for a while, and now seems the perfect time. The page contains:
   -  an overview of what stress is;
   -  some common symptoms of stress;
   -  10 ways to cope with stress.
There is also a short section on dealing with exam stress. The References section contains links to useful resources on the topic for further reading. The pages comes with a podcast so you can listen to the information on the go.

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