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Updates, January 2020
Videos, videos, videos! Plus, some webpages in the Writing Skills section.

Introducing EAP Shorts

EAP Shorts is a new series of short (2-4') videos explaining some of the basics of EAP. They are purely visual (no voice-over, just catchy soundtracks). There will be a new video every two weeks. The first two have already been released.

Hedging in Academic Writing

Hedging, also called cautious or tentative language, is a way of softening the language by making the claims or conclusions less absolute. Caution is expressed using introductory verbs (such as tend to or seem to), modals (e.g. may or could), and various adverbs, adjectives and nouns (e.g. possibly, probable, indication).

Academic style

Old page, new video! Like the hedging video above, this is a regular (full-length) video. It's in a different style to previous ones. If you like it, please add a comment to the video page or drop me a line.

Writing numbers in academic writing

It can be difficult to know when to use words and when to use numerals in academic writing (e.g. five or 5, 1 million or 1,000,000). To complicate matters, different systems such as MLA and APA have different requirements.



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