WHO World Mental Health Day 2020Increased investment in mental health

This is a special newsletter for WHO World Mental Health Day 2020.

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WHO World Mental Health Day

10 October is the annual WHO World Mental Health Day. It coincides with Mental Health Week in Australia. Beginning a tradition I started a few years ago, I would like to reach out to subscribers of the EAPFoundation.com newsletter to share information on both of these events.

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Increased investment in mental health

The topic of the WHO World Mental Health Day 2020 is increased investment in mental health, something that is all the more urgent given the COVID-19 pandemic and the challenges it has brought to health-care workers, students studying online away from teachers and friends, workers who may have lost their jobs, people with mental health conditions who may be more isolated than ever, and the many individuals who have lost loved ones to COVID-19.

The WHO page on Mental well-being: resources for the public has good information on:

- managing stress.

- dealing with mental health during COVID-19;

- despression;

- suicide prevention.

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Past mental health days

The WHO World Mental Health Day has been running since 1992. Find out more about previous mental health topics such as:

- suicide prevention (2019);

- young people and mental health (2018);

- mental health in the workplace (2017).

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Mental Health Week (Australia)


10 October also coincides with Mental Health Week in Australia, with each state adopting its own theme and holding its own events. The theme in Western Australia is Strengthening Our Community – Live, Learn, Work, Play, focusing on helping people by encouraging community members to support one another, promoting mental health literacy and self-care tips, raising awareness of mental health issues, and reducing the stigma of seeking help.

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Other resources

There are many other resources on this topic if you search. One I recommend is the activity pack for workplaces from Time to Change.

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