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This is the newsletter for November 2020.

Updates, November 2020
Sheldon Smith
Guangzhou, China
A couple of new videos, some webpages, and... the YouTube channel just broke the 1000 subscribers mark!

Cause & Effect YouTube video

I'm pretty pleased with this video, which took quite a bit of work. It complements information on the cause and effect page of the website, taking the topic of global warming to demonstrate how to use block and chain structure for a cause and effect essay, as well as how to use various cause and effect connectors accurately. As always, you can also catch the video on Youku if you are somewhere where YouTube is not available.

Research skills: video and webpage

I've been teaching research skills recently and wanted to add a bit of information to the website on this topic. This video - and page - explains how to conduct effective searches using online search engines, library catalogues and online databases, by identifying keywords, using Boolean operators, and other advanced search techniques.

Discourse Connectors List (DCL)

A teacher in Vietnam contacted me asking if I'd heard of the Discourse Connectors List (DCL), and whether I could make a better highlighter for it than one that already existed online. It was a challenge I couldn't refuse, and I spent a few nights putting together a working highlighter.

Briefly, the DCL is a list of 632 discourse connectors analysed according to frequency in academic, non-academic and spoken registers in the BNC (British National Corpus) and COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English). The webpage gives a complete list, which can be easily sorted according to frequency in the different corpora and registers, and also according to the type of connector.

YouTube channel: 1000 subscribers!

The YouTube channel just made it to 1000 subscribers. The channel has been around awhile, since 2016, but it took me a year to add a second video and another year to add the third and fourth. I've only recently ramped up the number of videos I'm creating (which are fun to do, but take a lot of time), with 13 new ones so far this year. The jump from 100 subscribers (in February) to 1000 (now) has been pretty cool. Next stop, 10,000? Not sure it will make it that far, but let's see.

Help support the site via Patreon

The mission of EAP Foundation website is to provide freely available resources for students (and teachers) of English for Academic Purposes (EAP), via the website, YouTube and other channels. It all costs money, and Patreon is a way for others to help out. Thanks to all patrons for your support!

Check out, where you can join the community for as little as $1 per month. The video below has more information.

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Sheldon Smith

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