April, 2024 Newsletter

This is the newsletter for April 2024, with information on word cloud generators.

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Academic Word Clouds 🌨🌩🌧⛈🌥

I've been playing around with some code for generating word clouds, i.e. visual representations based on frequency of words. Read more below about:
- Academic Word Cloud Generator
- AWL Word Cloud (by sublist)
- AWL Word Cloud (by headword)

Sheldon Smith
April 2024

Academic Word Cloud Generator

This word cloud generator can be used like any similar word cloud generator. However, it has a special feature for academic English, namely the ability to filter out words in the following lists:
- GSL (to show academic and technical words);
- AWL (to show general and technical words);
- GSL + AWL (to show technical words);
- none (to make it just a regular word cloud generator)

As with all the word clouds in this newsletter, you can download the generated image, and change the colour and font size.

I'll be working on further modifications over the coming weeks, for example a function to filter out numbers and user-defined words. More in a future newsletter.

AWL Word Cloud (by sublist)

In the last newsletter I shared frequency information for word forms in the AWL. This page uses this to generate word clouds for each sublist, based on individual word forms. You can select from two corpora, the BAWE and BNC Baby. Below is a representation of sublist 7 for the BAWE.


AWL word forms (by frequency)

This word cloud generator drills down to individual headwords in the AWL to give word cloud representations for the different word forms, based on frequency in the BAWE (British Academic Written English) corpus. Below is an example for rational.


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Sheldon Smith

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