January, 2022 Newsletter

This is the newsletter for January 2022.

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Vocabulary Profiler/Writing Objectively
Sheldon Smith
January 2022
Two big things this month: a vocabulary profiler, and a video on the topic of objectivity in academic writing.

Vocabulary profiler

If you like the vocabulary highlighters on the site (such as the AWL highlighter), you should enjoy the vocabulary profiler. It works in much the same way, but provides more detailed data, including percentage of words in different lists or levels.

The profiler covers some common lists such as the GSL + AWL, as well as other combinations that are not available elsewhere, e.g. the New-GSL + AVL, and the SVL for technical words.


Writing objectively

This new video (and accompanying webpage) considers what objective writing is, how objective academic writing is, then presents several ways to make writing more objective. As always, there is a worksheet for use with the video.


Other updates

The following are other updates since the last newsletter.

General vocabulary
The webpage looks at what general (i.e. high-frequency) vocabulary is, contrasting it with academic/technical and mid-/low-frequency words.

Secondary phrase lists (SPL)
The Secondary Phrase Lists (SPL) is a series of lists of discipline-specific (i.e. technical) two-word phrases for secondary school education, covering eight core subjects.

New podcasts for some existing pages: the AWL, academic idioms, and academic writing.

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Sheldon Smith

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