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This is the newsletter for Q4 (quarter 4) of 2018.

Quarterly Newsletter, 2018 Q4 (Oct-Dec)
Welcome to the EAPFoundation.com update for the final quarter of 2018, with the latest news about the website, and a look ahead to what's in store for 2019.

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An area I've been working on recently is inforgraphics for some of the existing pages of the website. The infographics are highly visual summaries of the content of the page. They are all easily 'Pinnable' (if you are a Pinterest fan) and printable (feel free to run off copies for your personal or classroom use). Currently there are infographics for compare and contrast essays, cause and effect essays, academic writing style (see image right) and summary writing.

I'd love to hear which of the infographics you like most, or suggestions for other infographics (more coming soon).

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Although this was mentioned in the previous newsletter, I have made further updates and improvements (and added many new podcasts). I'm now using a hosting service for the podcasts so that they can be downloaded or streamed more easily. This means you can find them not only embedded on the website pages, but also on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. They are also available on PodOmatic, which is where they are now hosted. Use the links below to access them on your favourite podcasting site.

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EAP Foundation series

Wr Gen

The second book in the EAP Foundation series, Academic Writing Genres, has taken up most of my creative time over the past few months. Several of you have written to express interest in the book, though unfortunately the pressure of my day job has hindered progress and delayed the publication date. A sample from the book will be available soon. There will be a separate email about that in due course.

In the meantime, below is a list of the book's contents, so you can get an idea of the areas it covers.


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