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This is the newsletter for February 2020.

Updates, February 2020
Well, February was quite a month. The coronavirus situation here in China pushed all classes online and got everyone looking for new ways to deliver their courses. If you've been affected, I hope you are staying healthy, coping with the changes, and continuing with the important task of education (whether as a student or a teacher).

Sheldon Smith
Guangzhou, China

Coherence & Coherence

Good cohesion involves the use of reference words, repeated words/ideas, transition signals, substitution, and ellipsis. Shell nouns and thematic development are also important. Find out more from this YouTube video, which also explains how the IELTS and TOEFL tests assess these areas. The page on the website goes into more depth and includes new exercises. There's also a new infographic for cohesion.

EAP Shorts

There are three new videos in the EAP Shorts series, each covering a different aspect of EAP. Want to know how to abbreviate words? How reports differ from essays? Understand and follow the stages of the writing process? These videos will give you a good start.



While I was exploring ways to improve online learning at the school where I work (write to me separately if you want some tips), I played around a little with Quizlet and made some flashcards for sublist 1 of the AWL. There are two sets: one with definitions, pronunciation, examples and collocations (for study) and one with definitions (only) for self-testing purposes.


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Sheldon Smith

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