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Welcome to the latest updates from These newsletters (no longer quarterly, but perhaps not quite monthly) will go out whenever there are enough new webpages, infographics, exercises, podcasts and/or YouTube videos.

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About » What is EAP?
This page is part of a new series, which will go into the theory and background of EAP in more depth. This first page provides a definition of EAP, shows how EAP developed and how it is located in a family tree of English language teaching, and explains how EAP differs from General English.

Writing » Skills » Complex grammar
Good writing requires an appropriate mix of different types of sentence. Too many short, simple sentences can make the writing boring, while too many long and complex sentences can make the writing dense and difficult to understand. This page considers different kinds of sentence, then looks at the three different types of complex sentence.



There are many formulaic phrases which can be used again and again in any presentation, from stating the purpose (What I want to do today is...) to giving the timing (My talk will last about 20 minutes) to transitioning (Let's now turn to...) to inviting questions (If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them now). Find out more with this language for presentations infographic.

printer Additionally, the infographics can now be downloaded as high quality PDFs. Click on the black-and-white printer icon to download - like the one here, try it now!

Don't forget, you can easily share the infographics using the buttons next to each one (like the ones above).


Reporting verbs are used to link in-text citations to the information cited. These exercises focus on the grammar of reporting verbs and their different meanings.


You can catch new podcasts for the following pages.

  Writing » Reporting verbs
  Writing » Transition signals
  Writing » Critical writing
  Vocabulary » Academic vocabulary.

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YouTube videos

This is the only area with no updates (this time). Adding another YouTube video is my next task. It takes a long time to produce a single video, which is why the EAP Foundation YouTube channel doesn't have very many (yet). My target is to add one every one or two months, and create a consistent tone for the videos (the timespan between each means the style is a little variable). If you want to know when new ones are released, please subscribe to the channel.



Finally, if you like the content of, please consider donating on Patreon. These funds will help to pay for the website, so I can keep posting new pages and free resources, as well as for the newsletter, so you can keep getting news about the website and EAP. Most of the work on is done late into the night (my days are occupied with running a high school, my evenings with helping my wife take care of two young boys). With enough contributions, I could stop burning the candle at both ends and really focus on creating great content. Ultimately though, I'm just happy that what I do is helpful to students (and teachers) of academic English, so even if your only contribution is accessing the site, I'm grateful. Thank you!


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