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This section is an archive of the newsletters sent to subscribers of the newsletter. A summary of the newsletters in the archive is shown in the menu box to the right. A more detailed index is given below.

  • Welcome newsletter. This is the newsletter sent out to all members when they first subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Tools newsletter. This newsletter describes some of the EAP tools available on
  • Mobile newsletter. The website has been adapted to look good on a mobile browser. This newsletter explains the main features.
  • Academic essays newsletter. How the website can help with a key genre of university study, academic essays.
  • Study skills newsletter. Explore the Study Skills area of the website to find out how working smarter will help you cope with your study.
  • Login newsletter. Understand the login feature of the website, and why it might be useful for you.
  • Word lists newsletter. There are many word lists out there, from the well-known AWL to lesser known but equally useful ones.


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