July-Sept, 2017Quarterly newsletter

This is the newsletter for Q3 (quarter 3) of 2017. This is actually the first quarterly newsletter. Expect more in future!

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Quarterly Newsletter
July-Sept, 2017

I hope your academic English learning/teaching is going well. Below is the latest information from EAPFoundation.com, brought to you in a new quarterly newsletter. Hope it's useful! Would love to hear back with some of your views on the website and ways to improve.

Sheldon Smith
Developer, EAPFoundation.com



A recent addition to the site is a dictionary, combining the definitions and synonym sets from Princeton University's WordNet database with links to AWL and GSL databases to expand the information and make it more useful for EAP study.

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Subject lists

The WordNet database has also been used to produce subject-specific vocabulary lists for some common academic disciplines, such as Physics, Psychology and Law. There is a separate page on how to study subject-specific vocabulary.

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subject lists


jQuery update

Technical stuff (yawn). I recently updated the jQuery version on the website to get Smoothscroll working in Chrome. Trouble was, there are a lot of other plugins which needed updating too (or they wouldn't work). I think I got them all, but if you notice any glitches, please let me know!

EAP Foundation books

The first in a series of EAP text books, EAP Foundation: Academic Presentations, will soon be published by Evident Press. The book, produced in association with the EAPFoundation.com website, is a complete course in giving presentations in an academic context, including areas such as preparing a presentation, presentation structure, language, body language, delivery and visual aids. There are guidelines for how to stage the introduction, advice for PowerPoint slides, and a wealth of other ideas. More information in the next quarterly newsletter!

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Academic Presentations

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Sheldon Smith

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Sheldon Smith is the founder and editor of EAPFoundation.com. He has been teaching English for Academic Purposes since 2004. Find out more about him in the about section and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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