As mentioned on the About page, podcasts are an important feature of the website. You can find the podcasts on the relevant pages, embedded directly on the page, though for convenience the podcasts currently available are collected here, in one place. They can be listened to now or downloaded for listening to later. There is also a dedicated page on the PodOmatic website, where the podcasts are hosted. You can also catch them on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Use the links below to access them on your favourite site.

iT Sp rss GP Music PDO

Writing podcasts

These are podcasts which accompany the Writing section.

Presentations podcasts

These are podcasts which accompany the Presentations section.

Reading podcasts

These are podcasts which accompany the Reading section.

Vocabulary podcasts

These podcasts accompany the Vocabulary section.

Study skills podcasts

These are podcasts available for the Study Skills section.

Other podcasts

These are other podcasts which are available on the website.


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Author: Sheldon Smith. Last modified: 05 November 2018.