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Social mediaLet's keep in touch! has many social media pages (some more active than others). Below is information on some of these.


Many pages have podcasts, which are spoken versions of the webpages. They are great for listening while you read, or for listening on the go (download now, play them later). The podcasts are embedded directly on the page. There is also a dedicated page on the PodOmatic website, where the podcasts are hosted. You can also catch them on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play. Use the links below to access them on your favourite site.

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The following are current YouTube videos. Subscribe to be notified when more are added. overview

An introduction to for those unfamiliar with the site. Feel free to share with a friend!

AWL Highlighters

Take a look at the three main AWL highlighters on the web:, Lextutor, and the Nottingham University AWL highlighter. See how they work, and understand the pros and cons of each.

Note-taking styles

See how to take notes in different stles: linear, table, flowchart, tree diagram and spidergram. The tutorial shows the features of each style and gives a demonstration. It also has information on the Cornell Method.

Compare & Contrast

This is a video for the compare and contrast essays page on the website, one of the most popular pages. The video covers what a compare and contrast essay is, how to structure this essay type, structure (transition words), and appropriate criteria for comparison and contrast.


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