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Other genres Abstracts, literature reviews, dissertations, etc.

While essays and reports are the most common genres for academic study, there are other genres of academic writing which you might encounter at university, especially at post-graduate level. The most common ones are collected in this section.

An abstract is a shortened version of an academic paper, providing concise information to enable the reader to decide whether to read the article in detail. Find out about types of abstract, how to write one, and how an abstract differs from an executive summary.
Literature reviews may be stand-alone pieces of writing, though most often they will form part of writing such as reports, journal articles, theses or dissertations. Find out more about what literature reviews contain and how to structure them.
A book review describes and critically evaluates a book, usually one which has been recently published. They are sometimes used as assignments on undergraduate courses, and are a common component of academic journals.
Research proposals are written before research is conducted in order to gain approval or funding for the research. Find out about the different types of research proposal and how to structure a proposal.
A thesis or dissertation is the end stage of a Master’s or PhD. This section explains the difference between these two terms, the structure of a typical thesis or dissertation and the contents of each section.


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