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As mentioned on the About page, podcasts are an important feature of the website. I have tried to make one available on each page, though not all pages have them: some pages (e.g. the AWL highlighter) don't need one, while other pages are still waiting for a podcast to be added (it takes a long time to produce a podcast, so they sometimes appear some time after the page is finished). The podcasts currently available are all collected here. They can be listened to now or downloaded for listening to later (see the Download section below).

Presentations podcasts

These are podcasts which accompany the Presentations section.

Body language

How to have good body language when presenting.

Study skills podcasts

These are podcasts available for the Study Skills section.

Reading section podcasts

These are podcasts which accompany the Reading section.

Other podcasts

These are other podcasts which are available on the website.


All of the podcasts above are available for download.

Section Page Download



Body Language


Visual aids

Study Skills

Learning cycle

Learning styles

Time management


Guessing meaning


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