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Below is the description of the book as it appears on Amazon. The book is part of the EAP Foundation series published by Evident Press. It is available in both paperback and e-book formats.

Overview of EAP Foundation: Academic Writing Genres
Students at university are expected to write in a range of forms, from essays to reports and other genres. EAP Foundation: Academic Writing Genres, part of the EAP Foundation series of books, examines frequently encountered forms of academic writing, identifying common features such as structure and language, and providing clear models, in order to scaffold learning and provide a way for students to master each one.

Contents of the book
The first section of the book looks in detail at essay writing, the most common genre for academic study. It begins by looking at the content and structure of a typical essay, then looks at different essay types, namely comparison and contrast, cause and effect, problem-solution, classification, argument, discussion, definition, process, exemplification, and description.

The second section of the book looks at report writing, the next most common genre for academic study, beginning with an overview of report writing, followed by a detailed look at the two most common report types, namely laboratory reports and business reports. Other report types are also covered.

The third section covers other genres which do not fit into the essay or report category. They are posters, reflective writing, book reviews, research proposals, and theses/dissertations.

The fourth and final section considers genre elements. These are types of writing which can form part of other genres, but can also be stand-alone pieces of writing, and need looking at in detail. They are abstracts and literature reviews.

About the EAP Foundation series
The EAP Foundation series of books is written for students who are preparing for, or currently studying at, a Western university, including those on foundation or pre-sessional courses. The units focus on presenting practical information in a straightforward and readable manner. There are additional tips in each unit to help students perform well, and numerous ‘In short’ boxes which give a summary of the main points, for quick previewing and reviewing of the unit. Each unit contains a checklist, which can be used to give feedback on writing (self or peer). Each unit concludes with a range of exercises to check comprehension and deepen understanding. Full answers to exercises are provided at the end of the book. All books in the series come with free additional online resources, accessed via the code given in the Appendices.

In short
Whatever your course of study, this book will provide an indispensable guide to all forms of writing you will encounter.

Praise for the first book in the EAP Foundation series

This is a very well-organised book which covers the most important stages involved in preparing and delivering a presentation. It is user-friendly and easy to use. [...] A must have whether you are teaching a presentation course or you are an EFL student preparing independently.
Teresa Escardó, review, July 2018

Muy útil para realizar presentaciones en inglés, también para organizarse en castellano. (Very useful for giving presentations in English, also to organize in Spanish.) review, December 2018

A great book, full of clear, systematic advice. The author clearly knows his subject and I know I will use this book a lot, to take my students through every stage of their presentation, from preparation to delivery.
Amazon UK review, April 2018

[The book] clearly illustrates the author's knowledge of students' needs by skilfully presenting a guide which concisely and clearly delivers a "how to" approach.... Any student who works diligently thorugh the units and who applies the lessons will benefit greatly, becoming confident in their presentation skills, and with much less stress. I wish I'd had this book when tutoring EFL students preparing for business school. [A]n invaluable resource.
Maureen Clark, Academic/ESL Coach/Tutor, 16 September 2018


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