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This newsletter explains how EAPFoundation.com has been adapted to look good on your phone (as well as your computer).

EAP Mobile
Looks good on your phone too!
EAPFOUNDATION.COM is a mobile-friendly website. It has a separate design for mobile users, making it much more convenient if you are accessing it on your smart phone. Same pages, same URL, same content - just a different, mobile-friendly look.


The pages are designed to fit onto a smaller screen, which means that the layout has to change. Side bars and top menu bars disappear. Some pages, such as the Home page, have a completely different design. The main content of the page, however, always remains the same - meaning you do not lose out from using your smart phone! Visit the home page.


The menus (across the top and down the side) are too big for a mobile user, so these are scrunched into a menu button, which only displays when you tap it. Features such as the AWL widget are tucked away inside this menu, further saving space on the screen.


On the small screen of a phone, size matters. The text should be large enough to read, images should fill the screen. The pages on EAPFOUNDATION.COM adjust to fit the width of your device, meaning no annoying scrolling or pinch zooming. Take a look.

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Author: Sheldon Smith. Last modified: 04 April 2017.


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