How to improve grammar ?

How to improve grammar ?

Postby LynetteCheng » Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:10 pm

:( :( :( :( help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby sunny » Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:52 pm

Are there any good websites or books which can help me improve my grammar
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Re: How to improve grammar ?

Postby FeliceJohnson » Tue Apr 21, 2015 5:46 pm

Yes you go through some good books or websites that teaches about the grammars. By going through the notes you can improve your grammar. You can read more and more books like stories, novels and all so that you can understand the exact way of using grammar. I was also very poor in grammars during my school and college days. I used to get low marks in the essay writings kind of tasks because of less knowledge on grammar. But I was trying hard to improve my grammar by going through the written work received, by communicating with friends, by going through books and all.
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Re: How to improve grammar ?

Postby studyabroadlife » Thu Mar 08, 2018 3:04 pm

At times when we re-read pieces we have composed, our cerebrum fills in the holes of missing data. We don't generally get our own mix-ups when we edit. Perusing what you have worked boisterously, ideally to another person, is an effective method to assess regardless of whether you have utilized right punctuation. You will probably see your mistakes on the off chance that you read the substance so anyone might hear, as opposed to in your mind to yourself.
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